Today is Dec 5th, 2022. How much money have you saved today?  
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If you are with a Media or Press Agency, you must also adhere to the following rules:
  • If you utilize anything from our site, you MUST obtain written permission from us.
  • You must also give FULL credit to "Fractured Frugal Friends" and
  • You must NOT pressure our members in any fashion.
  • Anyone acting on behalf of you will treat our members with respect.
  • Any initial contact with us must be done through our Contact Us form.
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  • We retain full ownership rights and permissions to use the material generated by you.

Before you contact us...
  • If you are offering web design or SEO services;
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please do not contact us. We're not interested in your service offerings.  If you contact us, despite this request, we reserve the right to take you/your company to task via Social Media. Simply put: Do not spam us via this form.

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