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Hello and thank you for your interest with Fractured Frugal Friends.  We're a site that's devoted to helping people reduce their mortgage and non-mortgage debts, reduce day-to-day expenses and improving the quality of lives, without sacrificing our sanity. is proud to have been featured in the October, 2003 edition of Good Housekeeping, receiving a nod from Woman's Day in June, 2004 through our Partner site, Frugal Moms (A site that we replaced) and through a book currently being written/published in Canada.  We're proud of the work our members have done, the accomplishments and the goals they've set for themselves.  Did you know that we've managed to help each other pay down our debts to the tune of more than $4,000,000 US in the last two years alone?  We believe that's our biggest accomplishment of our wonderful community.

UPDATED ON NOVEMBER 7th, 2006 - Fractured has appeared in TWO editions of Quick & Simple Magazine ( TWICE in 2006!  Our first appearance in the June 6th edition showcased our very own Renee and FamilyCEO.  The September 12th edition showcased jenraith.  I cannot say enough good things about Quick & Simple Magazine, folks.  It was a REAL pleasure and honor to work with the wonderful staff there.  If you have a chance, definitely pick up a copy at a retailer/book store near you.  Fractured Frugal Friends will be making at least two appearances in early 2007, as well!

Due to problems experienced with a nationally recognized magazine that interviewd our members and what another customer experienced recently, we're now implementing a policy about contacting us for interviews or stories to be utilized from our site.  We do apologize for the strictness of the rules, however, our primary focus is the protection of our members, to ensure they do not get manhandled again by any media outlet.
  • If you utilize anything from our site, you MUST obtain written permission from us.
  • You must also give FULL credit to "Fractured Frugal Friends" and
  • You must NOT pressure our members in any fashion.
  • Anyone acting on behalf of you will treat our members with respect.
  • Any initial contact with us must be done through our Contact Us form.
  • You must not contact any of our members without our expressed consent.
  • We retain full ownership rights and permissions to use the material generated by you.

When we gave this magazine permission to contact a select group of our members, the initial process was wonderful.  When it came time to get the photographs, it was a very stressful environment for a few of our members.  They were not treated with respect in their own homes, a couple members were very upset to the point that a second photographer had to come out for a separate photo shoot.  As a result, these members have indicated to us that they will no longer participate in any form of requests when it comes to any Media or Press Relations.

We cannot and will not allow our members to go through this again.  We cannot nor will not allow people to utilize our content without our express written permission and without full credit back to us.  The members of our family here are the sole purpose for this site's existence, and we will do everything and anything that we can to ensure that their membership here is an enjoyable experience.

We also pride ourselves on the trust factor here.  We're a very warm and welcoming community that's built on trust and honor.  As a result, we may require that you also obtain a membership before being allowed to contact any of our members directly.  This is at our discretion, and will be judged on a case by case basis.

Having said that, if you agree to the above, we would LOVE to hear from you!  While we do have strict policies about any media relations, we want to make sure that our members will be treated with the utmost respect they deserve.  You can direct all written correspondence to the following address:

Douglas Hazard
2931 Panthersville Road, L-112
Decatur, GA  30034
(404) 244.1767

Any email communications must be initiated through our Contact Us form (Link is to the left).  We will be more than happy to discuss any questions or concerns that you have.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Douglas, Fractured Frugal Friends Admin
Karin, Fractured Frugal Friends Assistant Admin
Nancy (aka CheapIsMe), Fractured Frugal Friends Assistant Admin
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