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(Edition: 1) - Give Yourself Some Frugal Luxury
By: moonbug, dated Feb 25, 2004
The pace of life these days is so hectic. You find yourself running here and running there trying not to tear your hair out from the stress of it all. I say it?s time to give ourselves some of the good stuff. A little bit of downtime is in order after a hard days work. Spoiling yourself shouldn?t make you even more stress-out by taking up too much of your money, time or effort, so here are some easy ideas how to take care of the most important person in your life. You! So, let?s take a deep
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(Edition: 1) - Cut-Rate Crafts: Papier-mâché
By: moonbug, dated Sep 02, 2003
Stop thinking papier-mâché is just for kids. Papier-mâché is becoming increasingly popular to crafters and a medium for those in fine arts. It’s one of oldest art forms in history, and part of the reason we know this for a fact is that papier-mâché is so durable we still have pieces around to remind us.

The ranges of things you can make with papier-mâché seem limitless. Some examples are things such as decorative pieces, jewelry, masks,
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(Edition: 1) - Bliss From a Suitcase: Advice from a Girl Traveling the World
By: moonbug, dated Aug 31, 2003
Let’s face it, this high-speed world leaves you feeling that you need to run as fast as you can to stay in place, let alone get anything done. We have all heard what stress can do to the body. New research suggests that work-related stress can be as harmful as smoking. We are all tormenting ourselves to fatality. Now more than ever we need to find our bliss.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how I can live a blissful life out of a suitcase. People are curious to how it is I can liv
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(Edition: 1) - Survival Tips while unemployed: Part 1
By: MrsChak, dated Aug 28, 2003
No Income? Tips on How To Survive!

In September 2001, my husband's company closed the doors. We had 3 days notice. Being that I'm a stay at home mom who did some computer work from home, it was a scary time for us. Luckily, my husband was working again by November, and we thought we were over the hump, and could go on with our lives.

Unfortunately for us, his new company cut all of their higher salaried people in order to stay afloat in September 2002. Again, we were caught unaw
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(Edition: 1) - Why I'm proud to be Frugal!
By: AngieC, dated Dec 28, 2002
"Aren't you good?!" my friends say as they watch me go through the checkout, trolley laden with fruit, vegetables, flour, rice and other staples, and pay with cash. Then they groan as their trolleyload of ready-made, prepacked, over-flavoured and nutritionally worthless goo is totalled, whip out a credit card and announce they've gotta run, they're driving off to Weightwatchers now, then they're stacking shelves in the afternoon to pay for all this; they'd lov
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(Edition: 1) - Taking the Frugal Grocery Challenge on the Road
By: Chloie (formerly 220), dated Dec 27, 2002
(Read to the tune of "The Beverly Hillbillies")

Come listen to a story
about a penny-pinching friend,

On a mountain vacation,
she had to keep her family fed,

In unfamiliar stores,
she hunted for some deals,

Can she stretch her dollars
on vacation meals?

...Taking the Frugal Grocery Challenge
on the Road, that is...


Come join me as I take the Frugal Grocery Cha
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(Edition: 1) - Frugal Scrapbooking
By: sssweet, dated Dec 26, 2002
Scrapbooking is a fast growing hobby, one that can become quite pricey, if you let it. Here are just a few frugal tips to keep yourself within your budget.

Scrapbooking is constantly growing, and if you try to keep up with every new item, you will definitely go broke! Sit down and come up with a list of items you must have (for example paper, some type of adhesive, etc.) and a list of items that you want to have. Having something concrete to look at might help you to keep focused on whether o
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(Edition: 1) - Name brands vs. Generic Brands, a lesson in Frugality...
By: Douglas, dated Dec 24, 2002
Come say it with me! "We do NOT need that $2.99 box of cereal, that $1.99 box is cheaper and tastes JUST as good!"

The lovely issue of name brands vs. generic brands. The whole shopping experience can be summarized in just a few short words: When you buy a name brand product, you're paying for the name, NOT the product!

Every day, we're faced with making decisions on what products we want to buy. From clothing to food, to computers to office supplies, we&#
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(Edition: 1) - A Frugal Journey is Common Sense
By: MrsChak, dated Dec 23, 2002
I started my "Frugal Journey" just over a year ago now. Some people seem to think that if you are Frugal, you must be depriving your family, or hoarding every penny, or you must not be a giving person. All of this isn’t true. Being Frugal doesn’t mean that you must cut down every expense to the last penny, and stop purchasing anything but the absolute necessities. It means using your common sense. To be Frugal means to spend your money wisely so you have the money to spend on those
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