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Pile Game

Play the Pile Game

The Pile Game is a solitaire card game designed for the player who wants to know his or her fate quickly, with no dilly-dally. The cards are dealt, and you either win, or you don't, almost always the latter.

One regular deck of cards is used.

Deal cards face up, one at a time, in a row from left to right. Whenever a card is of the same suit or rank of the card at its left, or of the card second to its left, it may be moved over onto that card.

For example, if your first four cards are jack of spades, 6 of diamonds, 3 of clubs, and 3 of spades, the 3 of spades may be moved onto the 3 of clubs, then onto the jack of spades.

If the option exists to move one or two cards back, the player can chose to move two cards back by holding down the SHIFT key while clicking on the card being moved back. One move may open up others.
You win the game, ha! ha! if you get all 52 cards into one pile.
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