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Henry, Silliness with grace...

May 26th, 1953 to October 10th, 2004

I sit here, reading Joe's IM to me, over and over, about Henry passing away last night, not totally believing it.  Henry was just one of those kinds of people that was so young at heart.  I had no idea of his true age, until I saw the photographs above, and was totally surprised.  Never one to really focus on himself, he put his family and the community first, Henry was just one of those kinds of people that you learned to appreciate really quick.

He wasn't one to draw attention to himself, but he was one that was quick on wits, humor and knowledge.  I'm really sorry I didn't get a chance to get to know him better, however, he was very well liked in the AOL Help community and even volunteered his free time towards the AOL Help chats and working on web sites.  I just still cannot believe that he's gone.  My heart goes out to his wife and son, whom he lived for and loved dearly, and to his peers on the Host HELP team, as well as to the every day visitor of the Help Chats.  This is a loss that's going to be sorely felt everywhere.

One of my friends provided a little bit of a profile/bio from his volunteer bio page, and I'd like to share it with you:

"Joining AOL a few years ago, I discovered my inquisitive nature was a real troublemaker. Deleting, installing, un-installing caused this novice PC user to experience many avoidable problems. The solution to my self-imposed torture was easily found in the AOL Tips and Tricks room, where the CL wannabe bug really took a bite.

How I admired those friendly helpful folks and their ability to so easily solve my problems. So I learned and studied and learned some more. First about Web pages, which in turn led to Windows, and finally my opportunity to join AOL's CL program. I started out as HMTWN Guy, changed to LDRS HMTWN Guy, and then at the suggestion of my ACI supervisor I changed to HOST HMTWN Doc. With the combining of the HMTWN CL's with the BHP's CL's I decided a change was due and thankfully a position was available in the HELP Community where HOST HELP Doc was born.

Settling in was a breeze, having learned to explain things in layman's terms from my web page experience. I have indeed found a cozy warm and friendly place to give back what was given to me. Education from a volunteering soul dedicated to helping those less knowledgeable understand the in's, out's and all around's of AOL, Windows, and that huge vastness we call CyberSpace.

What goes around comes around. My humble thanks to all those who brought it around to me."

We knew him first as WwSlap141, we knew him best as StewPitMe, and we loved him as Host HELP Doc.  Now we honor him as Henry, the guy that loved his family and life more than himself.  ::sighs::  Here's one for the road, Slappy... ::high fives::  I hope you give them grief up there!  You are gone, but never to be forgotten, my friend.  Thank you for all the laughs and memories.

UPDATE: Per special request, I have included a picture of Henry's favorite flower. It symbolizes everything he loved in life.

UPDATE 2:I would also like to let everyone know that Henry had four kids, two sons (Brad and Daniel), a daughter (Chelsea) and a step daughter (Cherrie).  He loved his entire family very much.  I had the honor and pleasure of speaking to his (ex?) wife, who lives in Virginia, and she was having a hard time believeing he was gone. She, Chelsea and Faye (Henry's sister) have ALL relayed their gratitude and personal thanks to me for having this page up.  Seems that they had no idea of just how wide of a reach Henry had on people.  They've also let me know that they appreciate everyone's well wishes.

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On 26-May-2006, ...
Happy Birthday Henry!!!!!!!!
You are always in our thoughts and 4-ever in our hearts. We love and miss you more then words can say.
Love always,
Mama , Faye and the rest of the crew

On 26-May-2006, Douglas...
Happy Birthday, Henry.

::gives Slappy High Fivezzz::

On 17-Mar-2006, Faye...
Today is March 17. It is Saint Patrick's day. It was one of Henry's favorite holidays. Please take a moment and think of him today. I miss you Henry.

On 31-Jan-2006, Cherrie(Virginia)...
Well Henry I haven't written you since July on my birthday and have had my beautiful baby boy. I know that you're looking over him but I wish you were holding him in those big loving arms. I really miss your hugs when I'd be sad or upset you'd always make me feel better. I need you to make me feel better now but by just being there for me to be able to call and say Hello. I guess you say hello in your own way. I know that you are safe and with your brother so that makes it a little easier but I would still love to hear your voice telling me some of the great wisedom you always had for me. I miss you Henry, I thought that it would get easier but whenever I think about you the pain still feels as bad. When I visited Nashville, it didn't feel right, I just wanted to go over to your house and see you. Well I Love and Miss you Henry and I always will!!!

On 22-Dec-2005, Faye Bunton...
Christmas is almost here again and all I can think about is you and Joey. I miss you both so much and it still hurts just as bad as ever, that both of you have gone. Will the pain ever go away? I know that I will see you again one day but I would give anything to have you both back now. None of the holidays are the same anymore without you both. I miss you and love you so much. Merry Christmas Bubba.
I love you lot's & Lot's!
Your sister

On 31-Oct-2005, Mara, Brooklyn, NY...
Henry, I missed your anniversary. Does not mean I miss you any less. Sleep well, friend, and may your family always have joy from your memory.

On 11-Oct-2005, Jss...
We miss you friend........

On 10-Oct-2005, Kathy, Massachusetts...

Hard to believe it's been a year. You are missed even more now than a year ago. You were a very special person to so many. I hope your Mom, Sister and children are doing well on this sad anniversary.

On 10-Oct-2005, MOM , Savannah Ga....
It's been one year since you've been gone,
And the aching, longing still goes on.
You're with us, son, in many ways,
Through every hour of every day.
We feel your presence and your touch.
Upon our're missed so much.

Forever Loved and missed,
I Love you,

On 10-Oct-2005, Faye Savannah ga....
There is always a face before me,
A voice I would love to hear,
A smile I will always remember,
of a brother I loved so dear.
Deep in my heart lies a picture,
more precious than silver or gold,
It's a picture of my brother,
whose memory will never grow old.

Henry Otis Yeater
May 26, 1953 - Oct. 10, 2004

I miss you so much.
I love ya lot's and lot's,

On 10-Oct-2005, Diana...
Gone but not forgotten.

On 10-Sep-2005, Chris...
I was a friend of Henry's back in the early 90's.
This is quite a shock to me. He was a flesh and blood buddy to me - we just parted ways after some life changes. I actually did a web search to see if I could find out what was going on with him. I can't believe it. Henry taught me a lot about a lot of things - painting - drywall - framing - you name it - he was a master of it.He gave me a job at a time when I needed one. We played a lot of croquet, threw a lot of Frisbee and cooked out all the time. He loved Country music and he loved to hear me play the fiddle. We used to have some pretty heated computer golf matches. I remember his choosing his AOL screen name SLAP141 - as he used to say, because he gave as good as he got.
Nobody gave more of himself than he did that's for sure. I am so sad right now - I always thought I'd have a chance to say hey again.
God bless you Hank - I'll raise a Coors Light in your honor!

On 02-Aug-2005, Margo from Denver...
Was looking over this place again, and tears started rolling again for our dear dear friend, Henry. Being online isnt the same with out him, even though i am now online with another online service. Goddess bless the family.

We still miss you Henry, where ever you are.

On 22-Jul-2005, Cherrie(Virginia)...
Well today is my birthday and the only reason I am writing this is because last year on my birthday Henry and I went out to dinner. My birthday doesn't feel like MY birthday anymore it reminds me of Henry now and that last time we went out, just the two of us. Henry I just wanted to tell that I love and miss you so much!! I also wanted to tell you that I am going to have a beautiful baby boy in October and he will know all about his wonderful grandpa, because I know that is exactly what you would have been to him. I know that you will be watching over him, YOU know how much this means to me to finally be able to have a baby and when he is old enough I will sit down with him and show him pictures of you and tell him how funny, smart and wonderful you were(are)!!! The love I have for you as a father will never die and it will continue on because my baby will love you just as much. I know that you are doing wonderful up in Heaven, I am sure that you have them all laughing at your jokes and I bet that they are proud to have you as one of their angels.
I LOVE YOU HENRY!!!!!!!!Your (step)daughter

On 26-May-2005, ...

On 26-May-2005, ...
Today is your birthday, and I can't pick the phone up to call you. That is what hurts so bad. I miss our long talks and I miss picking that phone up and hearing "HEY SISTER" come from the other end. I still talk to you and to Joey everyday and I guess I always will, I just hope that you can hear me. I miss you both so much, but I know that I will see you again. And as I used to tell you " I LOVE YOU LOTS AND LOTS".

On 26-May-2005, ...
In our hearts we thought of you with love today, But that is nothing new. We thought about you yesterday, And days before that too. We think of you in silence. We often speak your name. Now all we have is memories, And your picture in a frame. Your memory is our keepsake, With which we'll never part. God has you in his keeping. We have you in our heart.
Mama , Faye, Family and friends.

On 10-Apr-2005, Jean-Marie...
When I couldn't send my email, I did a search and found this page. I recognized the picture and his wife's name.

Henry helped me put my web page up and solved a multitude of problems. It is hard to believe someone would always take the time.

On 25-Mar-2005, Kanga...

So many people asked me how I do what I do. And I try to explain and it just doesn't work.

And the personal things that we shared.

Total eclipse of the heart.

Why do I still miss you so?

On 11-Feb-2005, carth...
henry, miss you lots.

On 20-Jan-2005, cherrie malden(Fairfax, VA)...
I know that I have written in here before but it feels good to be able to express my feelings that I seem to hold in so I can be strong for my Mom.

Henry I really need you right now! You always seemed to know how to keep me straight and to help me to be strong. Well I am having a hard time being strong right now and I really need for you just to give me a hug and tell me that it will all be okay. I feel like I am in a nightmare and I cannot wake up! I really need you to wake me up so I can come over so you can show me everything new that you've come up with on the computer,and we can have one of our great cookouts and so that you can make me laugh. I also need for you to make me deal with this pain that I am feeling right now so it can get easier and stop getting so much harder to deal with. Ever song I hear on the radio seems to remind me of you. We need you here with us! I need you here!!!!

I love and miss you so much, it is so hard to live day after day knowing that I can't come see you.

I will always love you and I will never go even a day without thinking about you!!!

On 10-Dec-2004, Anne Yeater...
It's been 2 month's today, and seems like forever that I've missed your voice. I carry your heart with me always! As you would say to me, 381 forever and a day!

On 10-Dec-2004, Anne...
I miss you more than anything, Only you know just how much, I know you feel it. When I look to the sky, something tells me your here with me, and you'll make everything alright.

On 06-Nov-2004, Tyler Bunton (Savannah)...
I miss you and love you Uncle Henry.

On 06-Nov-2004, Host Help Sommer...
We are pleased that Henry was named CL of the Month for November. The picture looks wonderful. We are missing him so much!

On 02-Nov-2004, Diana (PsychoDi)-Oklahoma...
Henry was a real sweetheart and always a laugh in the Tips N Tricks and Help Chats.
He always did his best to help others with their questions or problems while keeping the chats lively and fun.
He was always a name in the chat room that was welcomed by everyone. His wit and humor breaking the ice with new people and his caring nature turning them into friends.
Henry was one of the first friends I made on AOL in the Tips N Tricks Chat. He was always upbeat and joking, always friendly and helpful.
He will always be a special memory to those who knew him, even though many of us never met him in person.
I offer my condolences to his family and friends and pray for their comfort in their time of sorrow.
Rest in peace Henry

On 02-Nov-2004, Ann Sutton Savannah ( Henry\'s mom)...
The Cord

We are connected,
My child and I, by
An invisible cord
Not seen by the eye.
It's not like the cord
That connects us 'til birth
This cord can't be seen
By any on Earth.
This cord does it's work
Right from the start.
It binds us together
Attached to my heart.
I know that it's there
Though no one can see
The invisible cord

From my child to me.
The strength of this cord
Is hard to describe.
It can't be destroyed
It can't be denied.
It's stronger than any cord
Man could create
It withstands the test
Can hold any weight.
And though you are gone,
Though you're not here with me,
The cord is still there
But no one can see.
It pulls at my heart
I am bruised... I am sore,
But this cord is my lifeline
As never before.
I am thankful that God
Connects us this way
A mother and child
Death can't take it away!

You and Joey take care of each other.

I love you,

On 01-Nov-2004, carth...
Its been so long it seems like since Henry passed away. I'm just looking over his help tips now.. Sheesh.... They are so longggg, but they are really detailed, and very acurate. God bless Henry's family.

On 26-Oct-2004, ...

On 26-Oct-2004, kitty...
Maybe there will come a day that I won't visit this site everyday, or maybe not. But for the time being, it gives me comfort to come here... I miss you Henry...

On 25-Oct-2004, Kanga...
Henry, Kiddo, you snuck out the door on me before I could share my new venture with you. Since you typed so danged many pixels to me to get my very first web pages up, I owe you a huge debt of gratitude. You were always there for me. Always. And you always always always made me smile, no matter in what capacity we spoke.

At one very low point in my life, you typed words of wisdom to me. I don't print out anything from this computer. But that night, your words from pain we shared were so full of undeniable truth and logic and heart smart that I did print our IM. And I kept it by my bed for months and months.

So, kiddo, I'll stop waiting for you to land at OMA, and wait til the next great landing to meet you, although I feel as if I've known you all of my life. Doug just told me tonight that you were gone. Well, he told me a while ago, but I was moving and offline for a week so didn't know.

I feel such a bond with you - and always will. You always had a new HTML toy to play with, a listening ear, sage advice and lots of laughter and tears. You will be so missed.

I'm so honored to have called you friend. My heartfelt condolences to your family and all who loved you so dearly - many of us who never met you in real life.

May your laughter, your light and your wisdom be your legacy. Folks like you don't come along often, and when they do, I treasure them. I treasure you. That doesn't end on this plane...

One for the road, kiddo.

{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Henry**}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}{S AOLhug}


On 24-Oct-2004, Anne yeater...
I just wanted to fill in the blank spot that doesn't show Henry's birthdate, it's May 26,1953
He is a very special GEMINI

On 23-Oct-2004, IMAGRUPSTER2...
He and others in the Help community taught me all I know about computer's weither under his Host Help name or any other. I will miss him, as well his on-line humor.

On 23-Oct-2004, Robin Pine \\ Virginia...
Don't ask me why, but I wrote this email to Henry after I found out he died.

I know that you are in heaven and probably don't have a computer, but I was hoping maybe somehow you might be able to received this message anyway. Maybe there is Cyber Heaven. It is so very hard to believe that you are no longer here. I know that you and Anne were looking forward to your trip to Daytona. I guess that God needed you up there more. You are probably visiting your brother who got there a few months earlier. I just wanted you to know that you were my favorite brother in law. I wish that I would have told you sooner. I lot of people miss you down here. Your family and your friends. It is so hard to believe that we will not be able to see you. At least for a while. I really truly hope that you can find peace and happiness up there. Everyone here is so upset because you left. It will be a while before all of us can come to terms that you are no longer here, but in a better place. I cannot find the words to express to you how grateful I am to have known you. I want to thank you for all the great advise you gave me on computers. Well, I better go. Be happy in your knew home. Hugs! Bye, Robin
P. S. Please tell my sister Susan that we love and miss her! Bye, Robin

I really miss you alot Henry. I still can't believe your not here. One thing I know is that you are truely alive in heaven. You were and are a special person. Not just because you were my sister husband, but because you were so nice and generous. My sister misses you alot also. Sometimes it is hard to comfort her because she loves you so much! God Bless You! Love Robin

On 22-Oct-2004, AMintPatty - Lacey, WA...
It is with deep sympathy I write this for the family, friends and the online friends of Henry. I trust it will be a means of comfort to you that I share with you some of what Henry shared with me about himself.

I have never talked with Henry but for in the chat rooms and in IM. He was a valued friend and helper, one I could go to in times of need. He was very special because of his patience, encouragement and humor. He helped me fix my computers more times than once, even saved me from having it repaired once by giving me instructions on what to do. Henry could be counted on to attend our fun chatroom parties and was fun to be with. He helped to knit the bonds of love and friendship in our group. One night Henry was in a fun mood and he was with the "Reg's" in a holiday celebration party online. He had to keep taking a break to go paint more and he said to get more beer. I was asking about the color he was painting; "forest green," he said. I explained to him that I loved that color and that my carpet and sofa was that color. I teased him about drinking and painting, that he needed to use caution and not paint everything if he kept drinking. He was eagerly awaiting Anne's return the next day and hoped to surprise her by getting it done.

Henry was usually there to chat with when I had issues in the area I HOST online. He encouraged me and told me of the importance of what I was doing, that I was helping shape the lives of children by helping with their homework questions. He said I was very valued, not to get discouraged and let silly rules get me down. He helped me to stay on course. Henry last helped me, when I was required to change my HOST name, just a few weeks ago.

It was a shock to learn of Henry's death. I'd wondered why I hadn't seen him online the last few weeks. I do know he was quite depressed about the death of his brother. It broke his heart and he frequently told me that he probably wouldn't live much longer because he suspected he would die from heart problems too. He explained the family history. The reason I say that is I trust he did prepare himself for eternity. It's a choice we make as to where we spend it. I wish I had talked with him about that more than I did. I would like to have that assurance that I will see Henry again in the hereafter.

Why you may ask? One reason is that I didn't get to share with Henry the fact that God has been healing me of several physical problems I had told Henry about. I wanted to tell him that I can now walk without losing my balance, that I can talk without stammering for words, that I can sing and close my eyes without having to hold on. This healing happened in the last few weeks, close to the time Henry departed from his physical body. I was so eager to share that with him. sighhhhh I didn't see him online again.

Henry advised me on paint colors too, not just AOL and computers. With his encouragement, I was brave enough to paint the one wall in my sewing room a deep ruby red, probably garnet by name. I love it. I notice the picture of Henry above, the one with Henry in the chair. That is the color of my sewing room wall. I see he also must have liked that color. I didn't get a chance to send him the picture of my completed sewing room project.

How touching the above pictures are. He shared some of them with me with pride and told me about one being his son's graduation picture. I could see the pride in his typing and he said how precious his children were to him. It touched me deeply for him to express that. I trust it will give his children comfort to know he did say those things to others. He really loved and cherished you.

May God bless each of you and comfort you during your grief and loss of such a special man. May God rest his soul. Minty/Patty AMintPatty

On 22-Oct-2004, Terri...
Though I didn't know Stew personally he did help me with some aol. problems. I send my sympathy to the family. He will be missed.

On 21-Oct-2004, Anne Yeater Henry\'s wife...
Henry and I have a special connection that you only have once in a life time. He is my soul mate, and my best friend. This fairytale wasn't supposed to end this way.I just have to believe that one day our souls will be together again. Until then Sweetie,You took my heart,hang on to it.I miss you so much. Thank you all, he loved his online friends alot.

On 21-Oct-2004, Amanda (Georgia)...
I didn't know Henry very well, he was my Uncle Joe's brother. Of what I did know, he was a sweet guy who could always make people laugh! My heart goes out to the family and to the aol family as well. May you rest in peace Henry.

On 21-Oct-2004, Ga....
After Glow

I’d like the memory of me
to be a happy one.
I’d like to leave an after glow
of smiles when life is done.
I’d like to leave an echo
whispering softly down the ways,
Of happy times and laughing times
and bright and sunny days.
I’d like the tears of those who grieve,
to dry before the sun
of happy memories
that I leave when life is done.

On 21-Oct-2004, Sis...
Henry... What a good guy. A great role model and an inspiration to more people then he will ever know. As a chat HOST of a room frequently visited by trouble makers Henry held the responsibility of keeping the peace. He did this in a unique and very successful way, never having a biased opinion or abusing his rights as a chat host. Instead of simply writing off and restricting chat priviledges from delinquent teens, hackers, rude and frusterated AOL members, Henry found ways with which he could connect to these people. His great sense of humor, open mind and willingness to help brought peace to a chatroom filled with people he had come to know and love. This guy has provided sincere help, advice and friendship to people all over the world. For this he has my respect, he leaves us, but he didn't leave us without an example of what a good person truely is. Thank you Henry, for being a friend and for your open mindedness.
Rest In Peace - HOST HELP Doc -

On 20-Oct-2004, Debra ,your cousin...
I remember Henry as I was a child growing up, one of the last times I seen him was when my Dad was pretty much on his death bed, but Henry came back to visit us to show his love for our Daddy and all of us. That was back in the year of 1977 I am so sorry that we did not keep in touch, especially now that we also lost your brother Joey just a couple of months ago. please forgive me for not keeping in touch with all my love your cousin Debra(Butterball)

On 19-Oct-2004, Scott...
Hugzzz for Henry's family, they are special too..Henry welcomed me into his world of computers, He was my best AOL helper. I picked up a sheet of paper to write my thoughts about him and it was an email from StewPitMe and he solved another problem for me as usual..Strange...After calling AOL tech help in India and who knows where, the only solutions I got were from StewPitMe.He was the bestest...and I told him so many times..It was nice to see pics of him and his family here,thanks for sharing him with us. He will be missed in the AOL help room and by everyone he chatted with. The angels must have needed a helper..They have him now...He lived well..Laughed often....Loved much...::sniff::

On 18-Oct-2004, Sabbath from Maine...
Henry was a good guy, and will be missed. Him and I would chat for hours about anything and everything. His good humor and great friendship will always be in my memory. Henry was such a good person, that it shined through, even over the internet. Goodbye 'Stew' -=RIP=- ;(

On 16-Oct-2004, Carol SLCJ54 IN...
Henry ....God must need you ....:sigh:::

On 15-Oct-2004, Dawn...
I feel anything I say will pale in comparison to others,, however, I could not just pass over the chance to say Good Bye ,, Good Bye Stew ,, I will miss you ,,,, you always tried to help me ,, even though I never listened ,, you were patient and always kind,, I will truly miss you and never forget you ,, I am sad,, God Bless Your Soul

On 15-Oct-2004, Chelsea....Henry\'s daughter...
I want to thank you all for your kind thoughts through the loss of our father. He was a great man, and I am so glad so many people got the chance to know that. I know I am. You are all angels, and your thoughts will be cherished.

I miss my father more and more every day. Your thoughts help keep him alive in our hearts, and for that, I thank you all.

Peace to you all,

On 15-Oct-2004, Samantha from Boston, Massachusetts...
Henry really did have a great sense of humor. And, He spoke constantly of his loving family and often sent photos of them. He recently sent graduation pictures of his lovely blonde daughter and his blended family members, at that celebration. He also sent pictures of his recent extensive dental process. It was refreshing to hear about and see snapshots of his personal life. His candor was charming.
He contributed so much to life. I feel weepy at the thought that he is gone.
I will miss my wonderful Online friend, very much!

On 15-Oct-2004, Henry\'s sister faye...
I just want to say thank you for all of your kind words, thought's and prayers. Henry and I lost our brother only 2 and a half months ago and you don't know how much this means to me now that I have lost him also. You all have a place in my heart forever. Faye

On 15-Oct-2004, Wanda in Tennessee...
It has taken me all week to come to terms that you are gone. All of us from AOL as well as your family have lost a great one. Henry your kindness, your desire to help, your patience, your wish for peace within our community, oh how we miss you. Last time we talked I sent you a song KWS - Live On, you told me Wanda I am fine, I will Live On.
My sorrow goes out for your kind sister who didn't hesitate to contact us at AOL, your dear children, your beloved wife Ann who you loved dearly and all your many friends you acquired from AOL.
Rest in Peace my Friend, I miss you much. Wanda

On 14-Oct-2004, gary california...
not much I can say that hasnt already been said... we'll miss ya, Henry!

On 13-Oct-2004, Molly...
I too was saddened to learn that Stew had passed away. It was so sudden and I think all of us feel a sense of emptiness and regret that there were things we would have liked to say to him, things we might like to apologize for or explain to him. Just a lot of regret. We all extend our sympathy to his family, of course -- none of us can imagine your pain. The fact that he was such a good man makes his passing even worse and the loss of him more of a tragedy. But we will never forget him -- he will live on. I'm just very sorry.

On 13-Oct-2004, Jeremy...
Well, I heard the news a little late, very sad. Henry was a very nice person, I spoke to him alot, I even helped him out on a little annoyance he had with someone. I will surely miss Henry... and I will be praying for his family.... Rest In Peace The Falcon!

On 13-Oct-2004, Randy .... Allentown,Pa...
I found out on Oct.11 about the loss of Henry. I was so shocked to hear this ..... Some say tears from a man is a sign of weakness ... well when i heard this loss tears came from my eyes and my wife asked me whu i was crying ..... I told her we here in the Help Community lost a great person who loved to help any one ... from the beginner to the expert .... Henry ... we will all miss you . Hey if God needs help formatting ,tell him correctly ... you know where you can end ..... GOD BLESSYOU HENRY

On 13-Oct-2004, HHXava...
I just heard about Henry's passing, and just like most, am in shock! He was always there for us, the rock, the one with the quick answers. Please give our condolences to his family, and let them know how much we enjoyed him, and admired him. We will miss him terribly.

On 13-Oct-2004, Wanda, New Jersey...
I still can't believe this is true. When I heard of Henry's passing I was so saddened and in total shock. He was a great friend and a great helper in the AOL Help Community room. Henry was a loved man and I will miss him so much. My condolences go out to the family. Rest in peace my friend. Wanda

On 12-Oct-2004, Brian aka THeHoNdA BLAZE from NJ...
I am in shock, and when I got the email, I could not beleive what I saw, and never expected this so soon... He was a good chat room regular and a good friend, and myself and others will miss him, as the Help chat will never be the same without himself, his humor or his help. God bless you, and may God take very good care of you, Henry.

I will miss him a lot

On 12-Oct-2004, Carth...
I have just gotten news of Henry's passing. Henry was a real friend. Thank you for everything, and I give my condolances. I didn't know Henry in real life, but when I heard news that he had passed, it was a real shock. Henry helped me with Spyware, Reformatting, and just plain easy things I did not get. I do not believe this. I had only talked to Henry right before he had left AOL, and not after. Henry was a very smart and funny man, and I appreciate that. Henry, you have left me with some great memories. One or two memories I would like to post... BPS Doc helped me with my Powertools.. My very first version.. 10.1.59. I did not know how to make my font wavy, which I learned was very simple. But, Henry helped me all the way. Now, Host Help Doc. I had many virus's on my computer, and was loaded with Spyware. I did not know what to do. My Norton Anti-Virus was not working. Henry was helping me all the way. My computer was working great in 1 hour, thanks to Henry. Henry, I'm very thankful for this. One last thing... If someone had a question, Henry was there for them. See ya later, Henry.
.-=* R.I.P. Henry *=-.

:::Sigh::: I'll miss ya buddy. Thanks for everything! =]

On 12-Oct-2004, LizaJane & MoBill122...
STEW was a great AOL friend that LizaJane and I will surely miss teasing around with in the room.
From our room conversations most would thing we were really close personal friends with Stew, but that never developed.
When we had computer problems we'd Email STEW and within a few hours, he'd have a page of links for us. I always figured he was just showing off to Liza !

You were a great Pal... rest in peace !

On 12-Oct-2004, Justin Indiana...
My condolences to henerys family in their time of greif, I herd about his passing through an e-mail and was saddened...


On 12-Oct-2004, BPS Smile...
I knew Henry as both Henry and BPS Doc over in the BPS world. What a funny guy! And so smart! I loved watching him work with someone who was really challenged, and finally getting them all fixed up. I hope his family knows that he was a friend to a great many people he'd never met and we all appreciated him in many ways. Sleep well, my friend. Katie

On 12-Oct-2004, Frank, HH FrankB...
Darn, this hit me hard...Doc and I go why back to the old help room when I was a newbie...then learn alot there..went into helpping in BPS who's there '''Yep Doc and DDR and I QK'ed for them for a was always a fun shift and never boring...He was always there if I or anyone had a question. Even my son of 36 years of age called on him many times for help and now understands alot about PC's
My prayers are with is friends and family
I Know if there are no pc's up there he will be the one to make them there Love you Henry and thanks for everything

On 12-Oct-2004, Leslie...
Stewster..........I'll miss your wit.....Your knowledge......your friendship.....God bless you Henry....You are loved.

Happy trails to you.....
Until we meet again.

On 12-Oct-2004, ahi justin from massachusetts...

I have always appreciated Henry's wit, and his intelligence with all members in the help community.Needless to say Henry was the best Host on AOL. From the moment I had entered the help community he treated me with the upmost respect even when I didn't deserve it. I will never forget the day I was on the phone with him and he said "Kid, i been on computers since you were shittin' yellah'"
Henry had the best sense of humor, and I looked up to him. He was a perfect role model for the help community, and always offered me positive advise as if he was my online father. He respected me , and I respected him. He is a shining star that will never be forgotted. He was the macro mastah' with every possible help macro one could think of. When Henry was hosting people were helped and dismissed swiftly and with great pride. Henry was one of the smartest and best hosts I have EVER came across on America Online, and if it weren't for Henry I wouldn't have the positive 'helper' perspective that I have now. Before I met him I thought that most Community Leaders on AOL were just volunteers who knew practically nothing about the area they hosted for, and I will miss his wit, and VERY VERY funny personality. You could run into henry on one of your most horrible days, and he could put a smile on your face simply by typing. Henry was great , and I will miss him dearly. I was hoping to see him pop in on host help pheonix one day and re-join the chat room and spread his knowledge. It saddens me that a tragic event like this could happen to such a great individual who did so much for his community. Henry, you had many friends online , and they will all miss you. I dont know what else to write, but my thoughts and prayers are with all the family reading this. I believe I spoke with the 19 year old on the phone and he said to henry "dad you know some bad ass people"

Well, your dad was the baddest guy around, and never used his wisdom to belittle anyone like so many do. You should be proud of him for setting a good example, and being a positive roll model for someone like me to look up to. It's because of your father that I continued to visit the help community, and it's also because of him that I will help someone every now and then. Because he was a great guy who set the bar for the help room.He will be greatly missed, and I can only only imagine him now.. laughing with his brother. Maybe drikning a beer, and reading this and making wise cracks about something or another. Henry was a great person, and I am very sorry that he is no longer with us..
Take care bud ;)

On 12-Oct-2004, Shar, SC...
I am just stunned by this. It wasn't but a few days ago that I spoke to him in IMs. Of course, as always, he was uplifting and full of humor. I will miss him deeply. Take care my friend...

On 12-Oct-2004, JJ From Miami Fl...
My condolances to Henry's family and his many friends.Bye my friend, you will be missed, So Sad :( :( Friend JJ

On 12-Oct-2004, ProChat...
Henry, It seems like just Yesterday that AOL opened their doors and we met in the Tips and Tricks rooms. We sure had some fun over the
years Helping and Learning. You will be missed my Friend. Rest in Peace. Pro

On 12-Oct-2004, Mary,Midwest...
Henry was such a sweet wonderful person and he always had time to answer any Questions i had and all that came in the Help room.He was such a wise man.And funny at times to.I surly will miss him.he was such a special friend to all.Rest in peace Henry you are missed by so many, but will always be in our thought's daily.God bless you my dear Friend.We love you always.Your friend Mary

On 12-Oct-2004, Jim : Atlanta...
The loss of any AOL friend is always sad thoughts go out to the family of a Great AOL Helper. Bye Henry!

On 12-Oct-2004, Diana, California...
Those we hold most dear
never truly leave us...they live on
in the kindness they showed,
the comfort they shared,
and the love they brought
into our lives.
Remembering with you..
a live so important to so many.
You will be miss Henry,
Rest in peace.
With Love and Sympathy

On 12-Oct-2004, Texas...
My condolences go out to his family. Henry was a great help too many people that visited various help areas on AOL. He will be missed on AOL, just as he will by y'all. If there are computers in heaven, I'm sure he's signed on right now, and most likely, already leading a community to help others make their computers play nice. Save us a place Slap and know many people appreciated your help while you were with us.


On 12-Oct-2004, Missy from Chgo...
Henry, you were one of my first aol friends, awaz there to help and guide me through... I am sure that you will be as loved in heaven as you will be missed here on earth a by your friends and especialy your family. I am sure your family will be honored to know how loved and respected you are. Sleep peacefully, and awaz remember you are 1 of a kind. my thoughts are with your family.

On 12-Oct-2004, Mike / Police600 / HH IKE...
Wow, not what i expected to see when i read my E-mail. Rest in peace my friend. We will miss you!! God Bless


On 12-Oct-2004, Betty...
My condolences goes out to Henrys family. I met Henry from the old help rooms,one of the nicest guys I've ever met online.Henry was always there to help when help was needed.If Heaven has computers I know Henry will be helping Angels....God Bless & Restin Peace Henry...You will be missed by all :(

On 12-Oct-2004, Nancy HH Ang...
Doc, I cant remember a CL time without you being here! My heart sank as I read the sad email. You will be missed.

On 12-Oct-2004, Sondra / MaybeSassy...
Henry, I stepped outside when the clouds cleared tonight. I looked and found the bright twinkliest one and knew it was you. My thoughts have been of all the fun we had and all that we learned together through the years. You truly are one of the special ones. I will miss you GREATLY. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

On 12-Oct-2004, ...

On 11-Oct-2004, gabbi...
Until I heard of Stew's passing I had not known that you could miss someone you had never met in person...but I feel great sadness because i realize that I thought of him as a friend...
He will be missed ...

On 11-Oct-2004, Keith-aka Theberlinbear...
the computer intmidated me but Henry encoraged me to experiment and explore. I knew when I had trouble and saw he was in the help room that if he didnt know he would find out or point me in the right direction. God Bless and Keep you my friend. Heaven just got a little better.

On 11-Oct-2004, Mike -- Ohio...
Henry was definitely one of the good guys. I "spoke" with him online very often and doubt many will realize just how much he was trying to make things better for everone in the Help room. I am sure his essence will be there a long time watching and laughing. Doc, you are and will be missed!

On 11-Oct-2004, John aka NeedAnAnswer...
This morning in the Help Room during my shift, we all learned of Henry's passing. The shock and sadness expressed revealed to me the real nature of the family that we all really are. Henry was a real friend and I was glad to have been selected by him to "hold his shift", while he recovered from the troubles created for him. The recent loss of his brother enabled us to communicate as closer friends. Henry touched many lives and will be sorely missed. Rest in peace - friend.

On 11-Oct-2004, Cheryl from Michigan...
“Patience is the companion of wisdom.” And Henry had the patience of a saint! I can't count the number of times he stuck with someone that needed help long after most would have given up. Computer help never came any better than OhHenry. I'll leave the candy bar and hillbilly jokes for another time but I can hear him laughing right now as I type. OhHenry, I will miss you so very, very much. Rest in peace and comfort, good friend... and save me a candy bar. ;)

On 11-Oct-2004, Ron/TmberWolfe/HOST Comp WLF...
What can I say to someone that always put a smile in my face. Helped me when I had doubts. Thought of you as a brother and now that you are gone, you are going to be missed. Never forgotten and always in my heart. My heart goes out to his wife and son.

On 11-Oct-2004, Mj LA....
May his soul rest in peace

On 11-Oct-2004, Stef/Rebel Wolfe - Oregon...
Henry... I just can't believe it. I will miss you more than words can ever express.

My condolences and prayers are with your family.

On 11-Oct-2004, Chris / Tramp1021...
My prayers are with Henry and his family, I didn't know him well, but from the 1st time I talked to him I felt like I did know him. And he always made me think here is a good, loving and honorable man who enjoyed helping others.
He will be deeply missed......tramp1021

On 11-Oct-2004, Sirekr...
My condolences go out to Henry's family and friends. Although I didn't know Henry personally but rather casually through AOL's Help Community Room, I have a few distinct memories I would like to share. One time I asked a question in the Help Room and Henry immediately replied with: Sire is this for your system? Henry truly cared and was willing to assist. I watched him help people in the room with patience and understanding. He knew computers very well and yet when complimented would simply reply: I'm just Stewpit you know. Occasionally in the room there are mis-understandings among people and Henry had a way of turning it around and regaining peace. When Henry was hosting as Host Help Doc it was always a good experience. Henry will truly be missed and I am grateful I had the opportunity to come into his life.

On 11-Oct-2004, Lloyd - Kenosha...
Henry and I were great friends and even after I left AOL right after I lost my wife to cancer, we stayed in touch, so it's a big shock to learn that a dear friend is gone! But he is gone to a better place and may we all meet him there someday! May the good Lord watch over his family whom he loved so much!

On 11-Oct-2004, Jeff in Missouri...
This is very sad for me. All told, on and offline, I've lost 11 friends in the past two weeks.
I loved his humor and quick wit to catch on to my own after a fashion. He was the first (among many) HOST HELP persons to let me push the envelope of chat rules while at the same time letting me know where the point of the ropes end.
May the family take care and have joy in knowing he was loved by many he never met FTF.


On 11-Oct-2004, Margo Denver...
Henry, you are gone from our sights, but not from our hearts. You will be missed by many.

For Henry's family, your sorrows are shared by many who came to know him. Your greif is not your's alone, it is shared. We're here for you. Goddess Bless to the family and many friends to Henry.

On 11-Oct-2004, Cynapede from TX...
May God bless Henry's family in their time of loss. SLAPpy, rest in peace my friend!
Although I have not been a part of AOL for a few years, I remember Henry well and appreciate the humor and helfpulness that he brought to the help rooms there! He will be sorely missed!

On 11-Oct-2004, Roy from Georgia (Rpo6825)...
I missed Henry when he left AOL. I never got to meet Henry personally, but I always felt like he was someone I'd like to get to know better. May he rest in peace - good bye friend.

On 11-Oct-2004, Ramjet69...
We pray for your family and may you rest in peace. RAM

On 11-Oct-2004, Joe...

God bless your family and help them through this trying time!! Rest in peace friend!!

On 11-Oct-2004, Uncle Time...
Henry was a good friend. We laughed together, and sometimes cried together. I will miss him.

On 11-Oct-2004, Host Help TW, HCll...
:::TOSsing Host Help Doc the keys to the pearly gates::: See you when its my shift :o)

On 11-Oct-2004, DeeAnn...
OMG, I can not beleive what I just read, this is so sad and my eyes are full of tears. I will always remember Henry as one of the best there ever was, he was one in a million, and I for one will never forget you. You are not got Henery, you have just moved to a better area. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and all the knew and loved him. Henery you will ALWAYS be loved by all. Rest in Peace my friend.
Love ya always,

On 11-Oct-2004, Jen, NY...
My condolences to Henry's family, AOL is a much sadder place without his presense.

On 11-Oct-2004, Rainydawmn...
My heart is breaking, so I can only imagine what Henry's family is going through. Henry was the most caring man I have ever met during my time on AOL. He leaves a hole in the AOL Help Community and a larger hole in my heart.

Rest in peace, Henry.

On 11-Oct-2004, Sea, Brooklyn, NY...
My condolances to Henry's family and his many friends. He always had kind words, and a wonderful wit. And very often true patience.Rest in Peace. You will be missed.

On 11-Oct-2004, USEFORME...

On 11-Oct-2004, MMPUNKIN*Marge...
I cannot believe the Stew (Henry) is gone. He always greeted me as his fav. M&M just for grins. He always had sound and solid advice. I am in shock! I have been missing you since you left the room and now will truly know you are gone from this world. May God bless you and your family,.

On 11-Oct-2004, Hazel Baltimore Md...
Rest well Friend We shall miss you

On 11-Oct-2004, Barbara - Upstate NY...
Henry and I had our ups and downs. Last christmas we were on an outs, and I never mailed him the christmas card that is still all labled and addressed with a stamp. I was planning to send it to him with a new card this year. Im sorry I wont get to do that. Through it all , we were good friends and we were able to talk about anything. He was full of good advice, and was a good listener. I will Miss him deeply. I will keep a candle burning in my heart forever. Rest In Peace My Friend .

One of Henry's Favorite flowers was a Gerber Daisy. If at all possible I would love to see a daisy on this page to represent some of the things that he liked. I too am having a hard time believing we wont see his smiling face and bubbly attitude in chat.

On 11-Oct-2004, Marie...
I talked to Henry on here nearly everyday. He always came to my rescue when I did something to my computer on here. I have all of his screen names on my buddy list and they will ALWAYS stay there. I will miss him very, very much. I still can't believe this has happened...Kitty

On 11-Oct-2004, Tom AKA Trubblecat...
Henry was a true friend. He'd give anyone the shirt of his back. When I heard this morning that he'd passed away, I just could not believe it. He had such a lively, young, loving persona. My condolences to his loving family, he will be sorely missed by his AOL family.
Henry, we love you, and we'll miss you.

On 11-Oct-2004, Jim, Tampa...
May you rest in peace, will be missed.
Jim a.k.a. Twainger
Tampa, Flaw'da

On 11-Oct-2004, Gemma, Fl...
What can I say....I am still in shock. May his Soul rest in peace. Go with God, my friend.

On 11-Oct-2004, Scott...
Henry was always there for everyone who hung out in the Help rooms. His was a strong presence that kept the room in check during bad times. We didn't always agree on things, but we remained friends despite that. I still can't believe this, he was a couple of years younger then me and helped me recover from my health issues a couple of years ago.

I will so miss him.

On 11-Oct-2004, Douglas...
Just can't believe it's true. God Bless you, my friend. ::sighs::

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