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As time moves forward, the sands of time lazily fall through the hourglass.  Each grain that falls through is another precious moment that we have with our loved ones.  When that last grain falls through, it's rather empty until we turn the hourglass over and start the process all over again.

Unfortunately, when we lose a loved one, there is no more turning of the glass.  All we can do is mourn, cherishing the time that we did have with them.  Everyone that we call a friend, a family member, a lover......they all hold special places in our heart.  As a way to help celebrate and honor our friends, presents a forum for you to tell us all how much your friends, lovers and family members mean to you.  May the people on the following pages find eternal happiness.  May they also act as our guardian angels, keeping us safe.

If you've lost a member of your online community and would like to have an "In Memory of" page set up, please email Douglas. Be sure to include an image and what you would like to have appear on this special page.