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  Fractured Frugal Friends announces Edition 3 and a profile in Quick and Simple!
##May 30th, 2006

Fractured Frugal Friends is focussing on adding more content to the public side of things, including opening a few more forums. We recently added in "Budget Busting - Getting your budget in check, the F3 way", where non members can not only read, but ask/answer questions as well! We have also opened up the Gardening forum and combined the Do It Yourself with the Make It Yourself forum, and left that open to public viewing. Happy Perusing!

Fractured Frugal Friends is pleased to be featured in the next edition of Quick & Simple, a weekly magazine geared towards helping women with advice on subject matters that affect their day to day lives. While it may not be a huge plug for us, we are none-the-less honored by our presence in this edition and would like to thank the Editors and staff of Quick & Simple for making this a truly enjoyable experience for us and the members that are being showcased.

QUICK & SIMPLE is a fresh, new weekly magazine that provides smart, easy and trustworthy advice to busy, value-conscious women on the subjects they care about most: health, home, food, diet, deals, money, beauty, fashion, relationships and entertainment. QUICK & SIMPLE's visual distinction is modern and contemporary, with charts, boxes and bullet points giving readers take-away tips they will use and remember.

QUICK & SIMPLE's "all tips, all the time" approach will not only help women save time and save money, it will empower them and help them feel more connected, and more in control of their week.

You can visit QUICK & SIMPLE's website by visiting

ALSO, the original owner/Editor of Frugal Moms, Kim Tilley, will be making a live chat appearance on our website on June 5th at 8 PM Eastern. Check the "Chat" link above for more information and a link to the chat room!

About Fractured Frugal Friends.
Fractured Frugal Friends is a web based community of women and men that come together to discuss frugality, debt reduction, money management and fiscal responsibility through several formats, ranging from our interactive Forums/Message Boards to live chats to articles and so much more. This is done on a one to many and many to one basis, in a caring environment.

Fractured Frugal Friends has been in operation since September of 2000 as Fractured Games, re-branding itself on December 16th, 2002 as Fractured Frugal Friends. For more information, visit
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